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How to Fix a Wine Cooler Clicking Noise

How to Fix a Wine Cooler Clicking Noise

You want your wine to be the life of the party, not your wine cooler. So what is up when a wine cooler is making a clicking noise?

A wine cooler clicking noise can be caused by several things, such as:

  • The relay trying to start the compressor;
  • The compressor is overheating;
  • The wine cooler is not getting enough power to start.

Here are some common causes behind your wine cooler’s clicking noise. Try these simple fixes, and when in doubt, call a professional for wine fridge repairs.

Squealing or Grinding Noises

A squealing sound is a sure sign of a problem with the fan motor. An improperly connected fan can also be a disaster for the entire wine cooler. Most of the wine cooler parts are temperature sensitive and must be maintained within the right temperature. Regularly inspect the cooler and check whether it is correctly connected.


If the sounds from your wine cooler are notably loud or have a metallic or clanking quality about them, it could be that the compressor has slid off of its rubber padding a little during transport and is now vibrating against the back of the wine cooler or another one of its metal components. This can be easily fixed by moving the compressor back into the middle of the rubber padding and making sure that the compressor does not come into contact with any of the fixed parts of the wine cooler.

A grinding noise might also arise from the fan blades coming into contact with part of the wine cooler. This issue can be easily fixed by replacing the fan.


Excessive Vibrating


With compressor-driven appliances like wine coolers, a certain amount of noise is simply unavoidable. The sound emitted by a wine cooler should be a dull, even hum.


Where you place your wine cooler also determines its functionality. The wine cooler should always be placed on a level surface to ensure that it functions efficiently. If it is placed on a ground that is not level, it produces a disturbing vibrating noise.


Troubleshooting Wine Cooler Clicking Noise


An easy fix is to check that the cooler is plugged in properly. While this may seem very obvious, it is possible that the plug came out of the socket slightly and is the culprit of the clicking. Noise can also be associated with the positioning of the cooler. Check to make sure the wine cooler is positioned perfectly with all legs securely on the floor to minimize noise.


Have a look at the ventilation – not having the right amount of ventilation in the wine cooler can cause noise because the wine cooler will not be cooling properly. Make sure the wine cooler is installed on a flat level surface. Also make sure that there is enough clearance, at least three inches all around the wine cooler, and ensure that it is not too close to a wall or other surface.


Try troubleshooting common wine cooler problems first, and if all else fails, call a professional. A fast wine cooler repair service is your best bet to resolve your wine cooler clicking noise.

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